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A resource on how to support the Black-led fight for police abolition in the Twin Cities.

We are in a moment of profound grief, pain, and power and we will continue to come together to support one another. We know that it is because of the legacy of Black organizing and collective struggle we have won and will continue to win.

Now is the time. Get connected, stay involved, and take care.

This site will feature rotating information.

What is Uprising Minnesota?

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Here’s what we want from our elected officials and how to show up.

Note (for transparency): There are many actions planned at this time. Because of a caution for the safety of Black and Brown people, we are only listing direct actions planned by community partners with direct action training.

  • Recall Mike Freeman
    • Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman has shown time and again that he can’t be trusted to hold the police accountable. Sign our petition to recall Mike Freeman.
  • Sign and share this petition to stand with Black Visions and Reclaim the Block in demanding that the political leaders of Minneapolis:
    • #ChangeTheCharter. We demand that the City Council place a charter referendum on the November 2020 ballot.
    • #FireFrey. We demand that Jacob Frey immediately resign as mayor of Minneapolis.
    • #DefundTheMPD. We call on the Minneapolis city council to cut the 2020 Minneapolis Police Department budget by $45 million.
  • Sign and share this petition calling on Minneapolis City Council to pledge to divest the Minneapolis Police Department, which includes:
    • Never again voting to increase police funding or to increase the police department’s budget.
    • Propose and voting for a $45 million cut from MPD’s budget as the City responds to projected COVID-19 shortfalls.
    • Protecting and expanding current investment in community-led health and safety strategies, instead of investing in police.
    • Doing everything in my power to compel MPD and all law enforcement agencies to immediately cease enacting violence on community members.
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Sustain the work.

  • Black Immigrant Collective
    • The Black Immigrant Collective amplifies and makes visible the voices of Black immigrants in Minnesota.
  • Defend Glendale
    • A grassroots campaign of residents organizing to prevent the privatization of public housing in Minneapolis, which includes 42 high-rises, 740 single family homes (scattered sites) and countless other properties. The objective is to ensure zero displacement, eliminate systematic gentrification, protect, and build more public housing, and minimize racial and economic inequities currently facing Minneapolis and Hennepin County.
  • Juxtaposition Arts
    • JXTA is a teen-staffed art and design center, gallery, retail shop, and artists’ studio space in North Minneapolis. Since the uprisings in Minneapolis began, JXTA has played a critical role in building community alternatives to the police, led by Black, POCI and other youth who are already building the abundant and just future they envision.
  • MN Healing Justice Network
    • We provide a supportive professional community and mutual aid network for wellness and healing justice practitioners who also identify as IBPOC (indigenous, black, or people of color).
  • Spiral Collective
    • A volunteer full-spectrum reproductive options and support group comprised of doulas, birth-workers, and passionate reproductive justice advocates. based in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, occupied Dakhóta territories.
  • For more great organizations to support, check out this list (via Reclaim the Block)
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Mutual Aid

Provide food and supplies for community members and organizers.

  • Update (7/16): This section is no longer being regularly updated.
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Access the tools to build power and take care.

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Hear stories directly from our communities.

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What is Uprising Minnesota?
Uprising Minnesota is a platform with the simple goal of curating information on how to directly support and uplift the work of Black-led community organizations leading the fight for police abolition in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

This platform was built directly in partnership with Black Visions Collective, Free Black Dirt, Million Artist Movement, Minnesota Youth Collective, Reclaim The Block, and Women for Political Change — meaning that all the information on here is coming directly from these organizations.
I've seen dozens of resources (Google Docs, Instagram stories, maps, etc.) on how I can support the movement. How is this any different?
This site was created with the purpose of cutting through the noise and misinformation and providing the public with a concise list of content and resources directly from Black community members on the frontlines of the fight for police abolition.
Does this mean that I should only direct my time and money towards the organizations and initiatives listed on here?
Not at all — there are thousands of people doing incredible work all across the Twin Cities and much of it is not listed on this site. But everything listed here is hand-selected by the Black community organizations leading the fight for transformative justice here in the Twin Cities.
What considerations are made before adding content to the site?
We ensure that all information and links provided are first-hand sources, directly from individuals and organizations that we trust are doing the work. This also means that the direct action events listed here are planned by trusted community partners with direct action training.
How can I get my content published on this site?
We are currently not accepting submissions from the public. In the meantime, we'd recommend getting in touch with the organizations listed at the bottom of this page.
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